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Lily Liu

  • TitleAttending physician
  • DepartmentOBGYN
  • DegreeDoctor
  • LanguageEnglish,Mandarin
  • ClinicSongyuan:Monday,Tuesday,Friday,Sunday Worldpath:Thursday


Education background:
Medical School of Shanghai Jiaotong University,Medical Doctor

Working experience: 
Started her career at Ob-Gyn Department in a tertiary hospital after graduation in 1995, and received her doctor degree of reproductive endocrinology in Ob-Gyn department in 2004. Her working experience includes the International Peace Maternity & Child Health Hospital, Shanghai East Hospital, Shanghai East International Hospital, and Parkway Healthy. She was promoted as vice-chief physician in Ob-Gyn department and is the former director of high-end department of Shanghai East Hospital and Ob-Gyn Department of Parkway Hospital. With 23 years of working experience, she has solid professional competence and caring humane spirit. She has provided medical services to senior managers in foreign companies and staff in consulate, and enjoys a good reputation among expats and high-end clients.    
Reproductive endocrinology: diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic endocrine diseases such as infertility, precocious puberty, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and menopause syndrome; superovulation and assisted reproductive treatment.
Screening, diagnosis and treatment of cervical diseases; colposcopy, LEEP conization of cervix and treatment of cervical cancer at early stage.
Hysteroscopy, hysteroscopic resection of polyps, submucous hysteromyomectomy and adhesion of endometrium, hysteroscopic tubal fluid surgery.Laparoscopic ovarian cysts, hysteromyomectomy, laparoscopic tubal resection and oviduct plasty, laparoscopic hysterectomy.
Perinatal medicine: advocating natural childbirth, experienced at VBAC, EVC, double vaginal delivery, high risk pregnancy complications and dystocia treatment, and diagnosis and treatment of pregnancy diabetes and thyroid disease. Minimize scars of c-section, reduce bleeding and shorten the duration of the operation.
Treatment of gynecologic infection; minimally invasive and surgical treatment of vulvar plastic, vaginal constriction, tension urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction; contraceptive device consultation, abortion, placement of IUD and tubal ligation.

Awards received:
Outstanding party member of Shanghai East Hospital; member of Endocrine Sub-committee of Ob-Gyn Department Committee of Shanghai Medical Association; member of Ob-Gyn Committee of China Private Medical Organization, member of the Committee of Reproductive Science of the Shanghai Association of Chinese Integrative Medicine

Conducted one project of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau conducted, and two cooperative projects , one project for Wu Jieping's Clinical Scientific Research Fund, one project of the National Natural Science Foundation, one project of International Health Organization and one key project in Tongji University. A dozen of  core journals were published, and two papers were published in SCI. She participated in the compilation of reproductive endocrinology and the compilation of reproductive health library.