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Yvett Liu

  • TitleAssociate Chief Physician
  • DepartmentOBGYN
  • DegreeM.M.
  • LanguageEnglish,Mandarin
  • ClinicTuesday, Thursday at Songyuan American-Sino


Education Background
Graduated from Medical School of Luzhou University in 2000
Receiving further study at the Second Military Medical University of Shanghai
16 years of OB/GYN working experience
Worked at Maternity Infant Health Hospital,the Third-level grade-A hospital of Sichuan Province in 2000-2004
Worked at Quyang Hospital of Shanghai in 2004-2005
Worked at Changning Center Hospital of Shanghai in 2005-2016
Published a great many medical articles on important domestic academic journals
Received further study at Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in 2005
Dr.Liu went to the People’s Hospital of Daofu County, Ganzi of Sichuan and the Maternity Infant Health Hospital of Yunnan successively for medical aid and guidance during the past decade.
Dr. Yvett is skilled in diagnosis and treatment of general, prevalent and complicated gynecological diseases, pregnancy complications, infertility, inflammation of gynecology,cervical diseases, endocrine system of gynecology as well as gynecological tumor. In addition, she is specialized in various OB/GYN operations of laparotomy, birth control and minimally invasive surgeries of laporaroscopy and hysteroscopy. Besides, Dr. Liu is largely experienced in effective treatment of severe patients  with symptoms of postpartum haemorrhage, eclampsia and Amniotic fluid embolization.