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Jennifer Zou

  • TitleFWH Attending physician
  • DepartmentOBGYN
  • DegreeBachelor
  • LanguageEnglish,Mandarin,Shanghainese
  • ClinicDingxiang: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (all day);2 or 3 Saturdays (all day) every month


Education background:
Graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine 

Working experience:
After graduation, Dr. Zou worked in C.N. Maternity & Infant Health Hospital and Shanghai International Red Leaf Hospital. She was promoted to chief physician in 2012 and joined the Ferguson Women’s Health group in 2015. She has more than 10 years of ob-gyn clinical experience which has provided prenatal examination service and health care management services for more than 2000 pregnant women. She has managed 1000 natural delivery, and about 200 C-section cases. She has certificate of family planning and guided 500 abortion cases. She treated over ten thousands of outpatient patients of gynecological department. 

Dr. Zou is specialized at pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum health management. Focus on pregnancy exercise & weight control and advocating natural childbirth. In addition, Dr. Zou provides various gynecologic health consultation including screening and treatment for gynecologic inflammation, cervical disease and pelvic mass. Also she provides safety treatment plan for accidental pregnancy who is good at painless induced abortion, medical abortion and various contraceptive techniques.